We are two sleepy…umm…sleepyheads, I guess. We got plenty of sleep, but we were both quite sore, so it wasn’t as restful as it should have been. I am physically achy from being overstressed (Did I mention my father will be visiting Thursday night?), and Add is on the edge of a cold. Oh well; we can nap this evening.

I finally found my camera! Apparently it really has been hiding in my backpack this whole time. I took a few pictures last night of our new and improved bedroom; I’ll add them to this post when I get home. You’ll be amazed – I even cleaned it Wednesday night when Addison was at work!

…Did I mention that? Addison got a job at the college working as IT Support for the night classes, giving him about 6 hours a week of work. He’s also tutoring students at lunch time, which gives him the same hourly income. WooWoo!

So the bedroom is clean, and Addison was doing the laundry when I got home from work yesterday! I love my husband. I hung up the multitude of jeans piled on the floor of the closet, as well as the laundry as it came out of the oven[/dryer]. I don’t know what it is, but having a clean room is so satisfying. I just wanna be in it when it’s spiffy. …I am odd like that.

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Hi there! I'm a 22 y/o Canadian computer programmer, and I currently work at a military base. I live on the east coast with my husband, and am an unsually friendly and outgoing person, lawl.
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One Response to *yaaaaawn*

  1. Andrea says:

    Ooooo, clean bedrooms are nifty! I really like having fresh, clean, and preferrably line-dried sheets and blankets on the bed, while crawling under them right out of the bath in my favorite flannel Pooh jammies.