So, yeah, how about that over-a-month-since-I’ve-posted-ness? Yes, I am properly abashed. I’m not sure what you expected from a crazy person, however.

And in my defense, I’ve posted a bajillion times more than Addison! Why couldn’t he have posted on the blog, huh?

K, I’m done.


We have been keeping ourselves busy since August 31st. Addison is back in school, which I think he is grateful for (not that the graveyard job was horribly disinteresting and ended in naps and D&D or anything). I myself am still working away at PLGS, and I will hopefully be hired on as IT at the end of October when my co-op expires. My final presentation at the college is on the 19th of October. Oy joy, I’m looking forward to that.

So what’s everybody up to for the TurkeyBirdDay Weekend? We, as always, have too many plans on the go :) We’re heading up Saturday before noon to my outlaws in-laws house in Lakeville. Yay for Turkey! And maybe even a birthday present for my almost-17-year-old sister-in-law. Oh boy oh boy!

We don’t want to have to leave so early that we need to drive all the way back to Saint John, so we’re going to spend Saturday night at Mum’s house in the booming metropolis of Harvey Station (“Ohhhh!”). Then on Sunday we’re going to my aunt Denise’s house in Hopewell Cape (for all you NBers, look at your Medicare card. Yeah, there). More family and more turkey! YAY for a tryptophan overdose! Then it’s back home Sunday evening. Monday we were going to lay prone on the bed, unable to move for all the food, and unable to function for all the social interaction. Fun, no?

Anyway, I’ve got to get back to work. Just wanted to let you all know that I’m not dead. What’s going on with everyone?

ETA: Only 29 days ’til I’m not married to a teenager anymore. YAY!

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Hi there! I'm a 22 y/o Canadian computer programmer, and I currently work at a military base. I live on the east coast with my husband, and am an unsually friendly and outgoing person, lawl.
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3 Responses to OOPS

  1. Andrea says:

    Yeah, he totally could update sometime. :P

    Me? I think I’m buying a turkey this week.

  2. Kaytlyn says:

    ow honey. ow.

  3. Kaytlyn says:

    HAHA you were logged in as me!