Another weekend, another set of swollen ankles

Well, we’ve just come out of another weekend spent driving around the province, and I think it’s safe to say that a good time was had by all. Except for my ankles, of course. (Anyone know what a diuretic is? It’s MISERY is what it is. Grr…)

But before I get too far into that, I guess I’ll back up a bit.

I know I’ve been slack about updating, particularly about the reception, but I’m not sure I’ve fully recovered from that yet. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask, and you can see a few pictures from it here.

I noticed a lump on Izzy near her genitalia earlier in the week, so we had to take her to the vet. Lots of rat poo ensued. The car reeked of it by the time we got home, as did Addison’s poo-stained shirt. The vet wasn’t sure what it was, as it’s not causing her pain, but she thought she saw bruising, so she wonders if Izzy and Nina were fighting. Anyway, we’re giving her meds every 12 hours, so hopefully it’ll get smaller soon.

Now, while I’d been able to keep the apartment in pristine condition for nearly two weeks, we started to get slack just before the reception…and, well, after it we were just totally useless. Not motivated at all. The place has just been a pit all week, and while we kept meaning to clean it literally every night, we never actually got around to it. So Friday morning I’m at work at I check my email and there’s a note from Jon – our roommate – dated Thursday night, saying he’ll be back in town on Friday. … I had no idea! And of course, he was driving up with his mother, and the place was a massive wreck! Wedding gifts were still sitting on the floor waiting to be put away, laundry was piled up in the basket in the hallway, dishes everywhere, the floor needed to be swept/cleaned/vacuumed, etc. I panicked. Addison called me at work and I begged him to call the house and see if they were there. They WERE, and I was so embarrassed! Addison told them not to clean, that we’d been planning on doing it… I get home at about 5:30 and the place is SPOTLESS. Dear Lord was I embarrassed. They weren’t home; they got back about an hour after that. Jon’s mother is a lovely woman, though, and while I still feel terrible, she had no problem. “Oh, I was bored, what else was I going to do?”

Also, since Jon’s back, we’re getting the big bedroom! He has to work in Plaster Rock today and tomorrow, but he’s coming back after that. He boxed all his stuff up on the weekend while we were gone, so tonight we just have to move all his stuff out of his room, put our stuff in there, and get his stuff into our room. It’s such a relief! We need more space, and I think it was actually Jon’s idea to move us into the big room, which is just great.

(Sorry my entry is all over the everywhere. In my defense it’s Monday morning and I am Le Tired)

So the weekend! Friday night Jon was back, so we spent the evening at the apartment playing Mario Party. We’ve decided we need another Wiimote :) Saturday morning we drove to Fredericton, got Jackie, and headed out to her grandparent’s camp on Lake George to go swimming. We had a lot of fun swimming, and we made a campfire after dark. …One of Jackie’s marshmallows set on fire, and when she shook it to extinguish the flame she accidentally flung some flaming marshmallow onto my foot. x_X I now have a scar, and a blister, and PAIN.

We slept the night in a trailer next to the camp, and since it was so warm the first thing Jackie and I did when we got up was take a dip in the lake. Addison sat on the end of the dock and watched us (he doesn’t like swimming). A bunch of ducks started going up the shore a few houses up where the people were feeding them, so Addison had the great idea to go get some graham crackers and toss them to the ducks. It was adorable! There were about a dozen ducks gathered around the dock and Addison kept quacking :) We swam back up and sat on the dock with him, and Jackie started pulling mussels out of the water, cracking them open, and feeding them to the ducks. Addison was finding them, too, and I was sitting with my back to the two of them and shelling mussels. Suddenly Addison says, “I got one,” and I turn around to tell him that we ALL have mussels, when I realize that he has a duck in his hands. “Pet it, honey!”

We went into Harvey for breakfast at the pub, then went to Mum’s house to shower (she wasn’t there). On our way up to Lakeville to visit Addison’s family, we stopped at Jackie’s parents house to see her pet squirrel (It’s a red pine squirrel). Jackie’s dad brought it home as a baby when it was attacked and bitten in the leg by a dog. He’s better now, and they let him outside all the time, but at night he comes back in and sleeps in a cage. He knows where the food is, lol. He’s adorable! His name is Rocky, and he is insanely fast! He kept crawling on Addison, and Add would play with him and try to catch him. This basically resulted in Addison standing in the middle of the living room floor and frantically swatting himself in an attempt to get Rocky. Again with the adorable.

We spent the evening at Ron and Andrea’s in Lakeville, had dinner, and we all swung by DQ for some ice cream before we headed home. It was a busy weekend, but we had fun. I just hope we’ve regained enough energy to move the bedrooms around tonight! Blah…

ETA: We’re spending the long weekend alone at Addison’s grandmother’s house in the Miramichi. We’re looking forward to a long weekend of rest, relaxation, air conditioning and movies. Sa-weet!

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